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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: J-T-C and Ajp12
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 20:43:58 GMT at wrote:

> Please let me know what you think. If nobody objects I'll ask for a vote.
> Ajp12 will remain in tc3.3's mod_jserv and as the shutdown mechanism
> for 3.3, I'm talking only about j-t-c and the future version of mod_jk.
> [...]

The protocol indeed sucks, but if you want to keep maintaining it, I'm not
going to object. I don't have an itch for it, so, I am not going to work on
it in the future... But for sure I'm not going to complain if you want to
take on that burden :)

> P.S. As you all know, Pier was one of the main authors of Ajp12 and
> mod_jserv, and he did an excelent job ! Even if I don't like Pier's
> flames, I certainly like his coding.

Yeah, like my new module :) :) :)


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