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From "Pickering, Matthew D" <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0 JDBC servlet clustering and sharing
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:55:38 GMT
Greetings All.

I have been following the mailing list for a while now and I had a question
regarding clustering support in Tomcat 4.0.  We are looking at Tomcat as a
replacement for BEA Weblogic in our organization and one of the capabilities
we require is JDBC session persistence for a cluster of application servers.
Weblogic supports this feature and so does Tomcat by the looks of it through
PersistentManager and JDBCStore.

My question is this:  Is this functionality still considered experimental
and is buggy, or is it simply lacking documentation?

The clustering support to me would be the number one selling point in using
Tomcat 4.0 over commerical offering due to the fact clustering gives Tomcat
an enterprise capability.  We use Weblogic for some big customer systems and
the licensing costs are horrendous.  

If no one is actively working on the session persistence and clustering
side, I am willing to volunteer my services to document and development them
to the same level as other features (such as the Realms support).  

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Matt Pickering

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