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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: Problem compiling mod_webapp for IBM HTTP Server 1.9.19 runningon AIX 4.3.3. Please help save Tomcat for a high profile project inSwitzerland
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:43:15 GMT wrote:
> First of all I attempt to calmly summarize the problem and only then let my emotions
get through.
> My insufficient knowledge of AIX platforms prevents me from successfully compiling mod_webapp
(as well mod_jk) on AIX 4.3.3 platform.
> Hardware: IBM pSeries 660 model 6H1
> OS: AIX 4.3.3 (not sure about exact maintenance level)
> Web server: IBM HTTP Server 1.3.19
> Servlet Engine: Tomcat 4.0.1
> Tools & libraries: IBM?s port of common GNU & other open-source packages available
> Tomcat itself appears to be running flawlessly. Unfortunately due to my meager knowledge
of AIX I seem to be unable to recompile neither mod_webapp nor mod_jk for the specified platform.
Actually compilation worked fine in both cases. What did fail was the ?ld? linker. As far
as I can judge about possible cause of failure, the linker requires a module export (.exp)
file in order to be able successfully complete linking process. In this respect AIX appears
to differ from Unixes, as I had no problems at all building mod_webapp & mod_jk under
Linux (Mandrake 8.0 & Mandrake 8.1) as well as Solaris 8. The problem is aggravated by
the management?s desire to use IBM HTTP Server instead of plain Apache mainly due to IBM?s
SSL support, which is perceived to be more trustworthy and secure.
> Is my assumption right? If yes, is there a way I could generate that damn .exp file for
mod_webapp? I could also live with mod_jk as a fallback scenario.

Try a staticly linked mod_jk. That you do not need any .exp file.

> Please help.
> I have been informed by the management that if problem is not resolved by mid next week
Tomcat will be replaced with WebSphere 3.5 Standard Edition.
> Please held save Tomcat for the project. Our work is highly visible. The system will
serve population of an entire Swiss canton. If successful the system may be adopted by other
cantons with Tomcat prominently featured alongside other leading commercial products.
> And most of all I really would like to show my management that open-source community
cares, and is much more responsive when it comes to solving problems.
> Thanks & cheers
> Oleg Kalnichevski
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