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From (Alex Chaffee)
Subject [FAQ] jGuru FAQ Update
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2001 01:23:19 GMT
jGuru maintains FAQs and Forums on Servlets, JSP, and Tomcat (as well as
many other Java topics).  Here is an automated update on recent postings to
Tomcat-related FAQs.  Please direct flames and feedback to .

 - Alex

++ JavaServer Pages (JSP) FAQ:

Someone just told me that when you close your browser, your JSP session (login in this case)
is not ended, so that if you start up another browser and go to your site, the JSP engine
still thinks your logged on.  Is this true?  If so, how to end that session before shutting
down the browser?

I'm quite new to XML and JSP so here goes. I want to pass an XML message to a jsp via the
URL (i.e. GET method). My questions:

1) What will the actual URL end up looking like?
2) How can my jsp retrieve the XML? (I know how to retrieve XML from a file in the jsp, but
don't know how to retrieve the XML from the URL). A quick example would be greatly appreciated.

What are the differences between JSP 1.1 and JSP 1.2?

Can my JSP application validate users against an LDAP server which contains the userid's and
passwords for all the employees? If so, how can I connect with the LDAP server and perform
this authentication?

++ Servlets FAQ:

How to get the values of the variables in a different session?

++ Tomcat FAQ:

How to run Tomcat as a background service from a telnet session?

Tomcat + Apache + Cocoon Performance bottleneck<p>
How to find out the bottleneck is on Apache or tomcat or Cocoon? What can we do to improve
the performance?

DTD for Tomcat 4.0.1
Does anyone know where I can obtain the DTD for Tomcat 4.0.1's server.xml ?

Different webapps using different file.

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