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Subject [PATCH] jk_lb_worker patch
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 16:52:18 GMT

 Hi Paul:

 I'm using mod_jk with your patch including lb_value and lb_factor, on
Apache 1.3.  Thanks for adding this feature to mod_jk. We are using it
for some experimental work here.

I ran into a problem with multiple Apache processes, however, and was
wondering if anyone has addressed this yet.

 The problem is that with multiple processes, each process does its
own load balancing and hence has its own idea of lb_value for each
worker its loadbalancing. Hence, we can't get a 'global' loadbalancer
with this approach.

 The solution is to probably use shared memory among the Apache
processes. Do you know of an existing solution for this, or should I
go ahead and implement it?

 Please include my email address in the reply as I'm not monitoring
the developer's mailing list yet.

 Thanks again.


>Attached is a patch for the lb worker for mod_jk.  Basically, it changes
>the selection behavior slightly and adds some error and debugging
>logging where we would find it useful. The code uses two variables,
>lb_factor, and lb_value.  lb_factor is the 
>numerical inverse (1/x) of what is entered into the
>file.  This causes the lb_factor to become very large if the lb_factor
>in is 0.  lb_value always starts at 0.

Pankaj K Garg, HP Labs      
1501 Page Mill Road                   650-857-4709
Palo Alto, CA 94304                   650-852-3732(fax)

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