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From Gomez Henri <>
Subject Re: Jk and APR
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 23:25:00 GMT
En réponse à


I know somebody who will be happy with that.

But we should be carefull with APR.

We could use the one from Apache 2.0 when mod_jk
is compiled against AP2.

What should we use when compiling against Apache 1.3 or

JF Clere will give us here precious advices.

Nota that APR is one of the major problem people 
encounter with mod_webapp. They have more problem
finding a built APR for their system than to build
webapp really.

In my opinion, we should get only Apache 2.0 tagged APR,
ie for us today consider the one from Apache 2.0.28 beta

> This has been discussed many times, and the only conclusion was that
> we
> should and will change mod_jk to use APR, but no clear plans were
> decided.
> My proposal is quite simple and require minimal code change. Mod_jk
> consist of a number of interfaces. We already added a channel
> interface
> that will abstract the communication ( which is where most of the
> platform
> dependent code is ). None of the interfaces is OS-dependent - only the
> implementations.
> So for all new code/workers/channels we can use APR. Mod_jk will still
> work without APR ( at least in the near future ), but not all features
> will be available.
> For the build process: we should use apr as a regular library. We'll
> use whatever is built into apache2.0, without modification.
> APR is supposed to eliminate the need for OS-specific code and
> configure
> -
> that means we can use a simpler makefile ( and/or the new ant based
> build).
> Does it sounds reasonable ?
> Costin
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