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From "Mike Anderson" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Final release of Tomcat 3.3
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 17:38:26 GMT

Great work Larry!

Mike Anderson

>>> 10/12/01 11:25AM >>>
Hi All,

At long last, here is the Final Release Vote for Tomcat 3.3.  I propose
that the HEAD of jakarta-tomcat be released as Tomcat 3.3.

The Ballot:

Vote to release jakarta-tomcat HEAD as Tomcat 3.3

[ ] +1  I am in favor of the release, and will help support it
[ ] +0  I am in favor of the release, but am unable to help support it.
[ ] -0  I not in favor of the release, but won't block it
[ ] -1  I am opposed to the release, and my reason(s) for blocking it are:


Voting Rules:

My understanding of the voting rules for a release are:

1) The voting period is 7 days from this post. I will target this
   as ending 5:00 PM Oct 19, 2001 EDST.
2) Only votes by committers count towards a release.
3) At least three +1 votes from committers are required for a release
4) There must be a majority of committers +1's and +0's to -0's.
5) -1 votes by a commiter is considered a veto and must be resolved
   before a release can occur.

Tomcat 3.3 Status

No code changes will occur during the voting period.  Thus, the code available
in Tomcat 3.3 Release Candidate 2 will be identical to the Final release,
except for changing the version to "Tomcat 3.3 Final".

However, I plan to continue working on the documentation so that it is
as complete and up to date as possible.  Documents I definitately plan
to update, time permitting, are:


There are currently 10 bugs in Bugzilla resolved as REMIND for Tomcat3.
Their status is as follows:

Bug    Status
1316   Needs evaluation with respect to the spec and current implementation
       in Tomcat 3.3.  Not considered a showstopper.  Will be resolved as
       LATER if necessary.
1388   This has been addressed, but I need to review what is implemented so
       I can document it correctly before resolving it as FIXED.
1829   Check status of this 3.3 RC2.  It will be resolved as LATER if still
       a problem.
2202   Waiting for input from reporter. I will try to duplicate the bug.
       If the bug exists in 3.3 RC2, I will resolve it as LATER. Otherwise
       it will be resolved as INVALID.
2212   A Tomcat 3.2.1 bug waiting for input against Tomcat 3.3.  There
       is an issue of Tomcat 3.2.x not destroying the servlet for
       permanent UnavailableExceptions.  This issue is still present
       in Tomcat 3.3.  It will be worked on in a later version of 3.3.
2400   A Tomcat 3.2.2 bug waiting for input against Tomcat 3.3.
2714   A Tomcat 3.2.3 bug waiting for input against Tomcat 3.3.
3727   I need to check the status of the possible invoker bug.  Also
       waiting for input to determine if other bugs are actually present.
       Any unfixed bugs will be resolved as LATER.
3734   A bug relating to RPM issues.  Not showstoppers for Tomcat 3.3.
3863   A Tomcat 3.2.3 enhancement asking for a feature already present in
       Tomcat 3.3.

There is a large mixture of bugs in Bugzilla against various versions.  I
will try to update the RELEASE-PLAN-3.3 to list the ones that apply to
Tomcat 3.3 and are resolved as LATER or WONTFIX. There is a partial list
already present in this document.

24 hours prior to the end of the vote (approx morning of Oct 18, EDST)
I will post a notice about what has changed since RC2 in case anyone
wants to make a final review.

Larry Isaacs

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