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Subject Re: [PATCH] SingleThreadModel Pool for TC 3.3
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 01:07:26 GMT
Thanks David.

I don't like STM, but since it's part of the spec we need to support it.
And since you spent the time to write it, I think we have the duty to
check it and find a way to check it in:-). Unfortunately,
not for 3.3, it's too late. But 3.3.1 can include it.


On Thu, 4 Oct 2001, Schreibman, David wrote:

> I'm submitting this with mixed feelings since the recent discussion has
> shown strong opinions about the utility of the SingleThreadModel.
> I was already in the middle of doing the work when all that came about so I
> went ahead and finished it.  After reaping the benefits of Tomcat for a
> couple of years I've been wanting to give something back.  So after a recent
> post about how to help, I went into bugzilla and found this issue.  I don't
> even use STM, but was somewhat familiar with the ServletHandler and figured
> I could contribute here.
> At a minimum, I had fun doing the work and was able to learn a bit more
> about the code base.
> Maybe it will be of some use to others.
> Looking forward to more good stuff from this project!!
> -David

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