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From Jan Grant <>
Subject welcome files being forwarded to rather than redirected to?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 12:59:10 GMT
A while ago I sent a message about the behaviour of welcome files going
against the recommendations at; at
the time the servlet spec was in PFD and was fairly explicit that
sending a redirect wasn't acceptable.

Looking at the final spec, it appears that they've toned down their
language a little - nevertheless, this kind of behaviour (avoiding
redirects) seems preferable.

Unfortunately, the latest stable tomcat/catalina (congrats on this, by
the way!) still behaves in the old way.

I know I can explicitly map any URIs to particular JSPs or html files;
however, I'd like to avoid having to do that (the convenience of welcome
files is completely lost).

Is this set in stone?


PS. original message here:
- in a nutshell: if I request
I'd like to see the contents of .../webapp/index.html, but _not_ see a
redirect to

jan grant, ILRT, University of Bristol.
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