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From "Sean Alphonse" <>
Subject Newbie
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2001 18:38:10 GMT


	I would not send this question to the development group but because I
couldn't get any help in the users group I am sending the question here.

	I have Apache and Tomcat configured to work with each other ( so I
believe ). Both Apache and Tomcat work well as separate units.

	I have installed the following:

	Linux/Red Hat 7.1
	Apache 1.3.19 (RPM)
	Tomcat 4 (RPM)
	mod_webapp 1 (RPM)
	tomcat4-webapps (RPM)

	On a Red Hat system with Apache 1.3.19 the default directory for html files
are /var/www/html.
	On a Red Hat system with Tomcat 4 the default directory for JSP or servlets
is /var/tomcat4/webapps/ROOT.

	Now, I am wondering when I create a JSP script in an html file where this
file should go. Should it go in the default directory of Apache? Does Apache
with the aid of Tomcat recognize that there is JSP script and does someone
have to type to get web page using JSP script.

	Thank-you for your time.

	Sean Alphonse.

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