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From Rickard Öberg <>
Subject Re: Tomcat4, taglibs, and pageContext.include
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2001 07:18:07 GMT
Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> The reason for this change is a statement in the Javadocs for
> PageContext.include() that Tomcat 4 was not previously enforcing:
>     The current JspWriter "out" for this JSP is flushed as a
>     side effect of this call, prior to processing the include.
> Ideally, that statement would have been removed from the Javadocs for JSP
> 1.2, but it wasn't ... and now we are stuck enforcing it.  If you look at
> the code that Jasper generates for <jsp:include>, you will see that it
> indeed no longer uses the PageContext.include() method in its
> implementation.

I was fraid that this would be the case. May I humbly suggest that this 
is rather braindead >:-/ A not-so-insignificant number of tag libraries 
utilize pageContext.include in order to mimic jsp:include functionality, 
and these just broke.

I may mention that at our work I got a desperate call from our one of 
our senior architects yesterday who was just about to demo our system 
and found that everything (because of this change) was broken. The 
workaround would have been to revert back to Tomcatb7, but that had been 
removed from the binary downloads... *sigh*

IMHO you should revert back to the old behaviour and leave it "buggy". 
If tag libraries have to use the other solution (the "make a response 
wrapper that returns JSP writer on getWriter and use 
RequestDispatcher.include" solution) it will produce some serious 
ugliness and unclean code, not to mention that some 2.2 servlet engines 
that don't like custom response objects will cringe.

Bad bad bad.


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