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From Paul Speed <>
Subject [PATCH] SSI support
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:11:36 GMT

I realize Bip is away, but I thought I'd post these anyway before I
forget about them.  Since I've had problems with multiple attachments
I went ahead and stuck the files on my web site at:

Each file has a description of what it contains and where it should
go.  If a committer chooses to apply them and has problems then let
me know.

Here is the description of the changes from the above-linked page:

> What I did...
> The changes to SsiInvokerServlet should be independent of the other 
> changes. Really, I just improved parsing support to handle escaped
> characters, etc. and be more error-compatible with Apache.
> The other SSI commands were modified to be more compatible with 
> Apache SSI. Specifically, I've verified that the supported tags
> should work the same as mod_include in Apache 1.3.22. At least they
> support the same options. The tags were also enhanced to fit with the
> new conditional tags.
> I also added the implementation of the conditional tags: "if", 
> "elif", "else", and "endif". This includes an expression parser. 
> It's been a while since I've written a parser and I tried to do it
> with a slant on understandability. There's probably room for
> improvement, but it works the same as Apache on all of the tests
> I've tried... and it passed all of the new tester pages which
> generate identical output to Apache 1.3.22.
> So after these patches, the only tags that are missing that
> mod_include has are "printenv" and "perl" (which is conditionally
> included anyway).  Also, the "encoding" parameter on "echo" is
> silently ignored right now.

-Paul Speed

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