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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject JAAS/Classloaders/Tomcat4
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:24:56 GMT

I've been a bit confused after reading the classloader docs for Tomcat
4, the %CATALINA_HOME/lib %CATALINA_HOME/classes are accessed via the
shared classloader but the startup script sets certain jars from
%CATALINA_HOME/lib on the system classpath.

JAAS 1.0 requires login config and login modules to be on the system
classpath so to that end I have put jaas.jar to %CATALINA_HOME/lib and
added it to the classpath used in catalina.(sh|bat).

There is no concept in Tomcat 4.0 of a system classes directory where
you can just dump the odd class as the classes directory is used by the
shared classloader.

I gather the shared classpath will be renamed 'shared/lib + classes' in
4.1 but wouldn't it be useful if the catalina startup script set the
classpath to all the jars in %CATALINA_HOME/lib and
%CATALINA_HOME/classes.  At least this way no modifications need to be
done to the startup scripts and JAAS login modules can just be dropped
into the system classes directory as needed.

Antony Bowesman
Teamware Group
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fax  : +358 9 5128 2705

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