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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Catalina on Avalon
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2001 15:40:44 GMT
Hi folks,

As mentioned some weeks ago, I have Catalina more or less working inside 
Avalon.  In short this means it can run inside the same virtual machine 
as JAMES (mail server) FtpServer (another Avalon app) and other servers. 
 See picture at this link :

Request :

    Summary : Seperation of  interfaces and implementation.  Different 
jars in same ditribution.

    Detail : There are 39 interfaces & support classes in 
org.apache.catalina.  Sub packages of that implement those abstractions. 
 It's a very neat design apart from one thing.  They are all in the same 
jar file and hence classloader.  In Avalon we mount classloaders one or 
two levels deeper than the primordial that would load the core of 
Catalina if launched from a shell.  We'd like to be able to mount the 
interfaces at top level for general visibility and sharing, and 
implementation, like other server applications in a branch/leaf class 
loader.   If those 39 interfaces and classes were moved to a different 
package (say org.apache.catalina.api), then a split into two jars would 
be possible and our dreams could come true.  

Have I convinced of need?

Is 4.0.1 beta too touchy a distribution to instigate package migrations 
on (however trivial) ?


- Paul H

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