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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SingleThreadModel Pool for TC 3.3
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 00:47:23 GMT
"Schreibman, David" wrote:
> I'm submitting this with mixed feelings since the recent discussion has
> shown strong opinions about the utility of the SingleThreadModel.

STM as a concept has so many flaws that I tend to side with Jon (ie. it
should be dropped from the spec). Personally, I was dragged into it as
well, thinking that it solves real world problems. But, as we all know,
there is no such thing as free lunch. Things have to be done the hard
way (ie. one actually has to use the brain while coding).

> I was already in the middle of doing the work when all that came about so I
> went ahead and finished it.  After reaping the benefits of Tomcat for a
> couple of years I've been wanting to give something back.  So after a recent
> post about how to help, I went into bugzilla and found this issue.  I don't
> even use STM, but was somewhat familiar with the ServletHandler and figured
> I could contribute here.
> At a minimum, I had fun doing the work and was able to learn a bit more
> about the code base.
> Maybe it will be of some use to others.
> Looking forward to more good stuff from this project!!

Thank you for your patch David. Given that TC 3.3 is close to the
release, I don't think that this patch will go into it. This has nothing
to do with the code, but rather with the fact that when things are close
to the release, all changes are more scrutinized then at other times.

But I'm sure that other 3.3 guys will also give it a look for subsequent
3.3.x releases.


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