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From jeff drost <>
Subject realm question: GenericPrincipal not public, RealmBase is
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2001 15:47:19 GMT
I have plans to implement a Tomcat realm, as well as a webapp to administrate
users and roles.  I would use the provided JDBCRealm, however I want to have a
true many-to-many relationship between users and roles in the database.  The
current model uses two tables (users and user_roles), I would like to use three
(users, roles, and user_roles).

My requirements are different enough that I don't want to extend JDBCRealm, but
not so complex that I want to implement the Realm interface from scratch.  What
I really want it so extend RealmBase.  To do this I need to make a choice.

I can either:

1) Put my new realm in the package org.apache.catalina.realm so that I have
access to the existing implementation of GenericPrincipal.  This makes life
very easy for me, but I'm not crazy about the idea.

2) Put my new realm in a different package.  I will then also need to implement
a Principal class (which will be nothing more than a copy of GenericPrincipal),
and implement the hasRole method on my realm (which will be a copy from
RealmBase).  Also, I'm not crazy about cutting and pasting code.

If the RealmBase is public, why is GenericPrincipal not also?  This would allow
me to put my new realm in a package of my choosing, and still not need to copy
the GenericPrincipal class and Realm.hasRole() method.

Thanks a bunch,
Jeff Drost

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