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From Kazuhiro Kazama <>
Subject Re: WebApp Module daily snapshots available...
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 09:37:11 GMT

From: Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject: WebApp Module daily snapshots available...
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 03:19:05 +0100
> In theory (if everything goes right as expected and I didn't screw up with
> my SH scripts), daily snapshots of the WebApp module are available on my
> home on Nagoya:

I try to compile your latest snapshot with gcc 2.95.3 on Solaris x86
2.8 but it needs to link with additional libraries, and

And its behavior is very unstable. For example, I can sometimes access
Tomcat examples or get error "Web-application not yet deployed".

I watch its deployment state by using /webapp-info. So it changes
between true and false frequently. I guess this may be a
synchronization problem because I use a SMP machine.

Kazuhiro Kazama (	NTT Network Innovation Laboratories

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