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From "Andreas Junghans" <>
Subject [Patch] Bug 4085
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:47:29 GMT
Hi there,

I've tried to create an attachment to Bug 4085
( containing a
proposed patch. However, after entering my eMail and Bugzilla password, I
got an error message saying I didn't supply a file or the file was empty.
I've tried twice, and I definitely specified a file that was not empty, so
I'm sending the patch here (see Attachment).

In org/apache/jasper/compiler/, character data
contained in an uninterpreted tag is only flushed at the beginning of
another uninterpreted tag. However, this produces strange results with a
sequence like <a>some text <jsp:expression>3+4</jsp:expression></a>
described in the original bug report). I think character data contained in
an uninterpreted tag must be flushed at the beginning of _any_ tag (except
jsp:root of course, though I'm not sure if checking that explicitly is
really necessary). The patch contains this change and works fine with all
the XML-JSPs we're using. Could someone please review it and add it to the
code base (or tell me what's wrong if it isn't correct)?

Thank you very much

PS Sorry for the many changed lines in the patch. I added some indentation
to better understand the code, and I didn't want to remove it afterwards.


Dipl.-Inform.(FH) Andreas Junghans
Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Industrielle Datenverarbeitung und Automation
Moltkestrasse 30 - 76133 Karlsruhe
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