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From "Denis Balazuc" <>
Subject Non TCP oriented Connectors (question)
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 19:12:23 GMT
Hi All

I want to embedd Tomcat in an application, in order to display/browse JSP
pages without any network connection.
(the reason is that we're dealing with a Web site implemented using JSP and
people want an "Offline" browsing using a local application)
I don't want to have a full Tomcat running on client's machines as people
dont have big machines and certainly don't want to have an internal server,
whatever it is, running in the background.

I've been browsing through Tomcat code (3.2.3 and Catalina) about
Connector(s), ServerConnector, etc. and found that connectors are all
sort-of TCP oriented.
I am probably missing something the ServerConnector interface
does not look TCP oriented at all from the few declared methods....

So my question is :
How can I implement a Connector that would actually be linked internally
with the rest of my application, without having to provide any kind of
TCP-like stuff (hostnames, ports, etc) ?

The scenario would be :
Have a browser in the app send requests to that internal Connector (by means
of new methods bypassing the whole network part), which will in turn forward
those requests to the Tomcat framework and serve pages back to my browser.

Looking at Tomcat 3.2.3, I thought that Catalina would partly solve my
problem with the promise that TCP orientation would be abstracted from
Catalina (not to say removed) but, to my own sadness, Catalina seems as
TCP-oriented as Tomcat is....

Maybe I'm totally mistaking here, or I'm not looking in the proper direction
for that ?

Thanks for providing any kind of clue (a name of a class where to look into
in the first place would actually do !)

Denis Balazuc

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