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From "David Frankson" <>
Subject memory leak?
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 15:23:56 GMT
    I've been using Tomcat 3.2.3 in a production environment for a couple
months without a problem.  Last week I added a new feature and now the
tomcat process will consume memory until it reaches the -Xmx512 size I have

I ran the same webapp under Tomcat 4.0 and I see the same behavior.
However, I ran the same webapp under resin 2.0.2 and there is no evidence of
a memory leak.

I downloaded JProbe to take a look at the heap, and the most interesting
thing I found was that there was a 33Mb byte[] referenced by
HttpResponseAdapter.  I didn't see any objects from my application code that
weren't supposed to be there.

Has anyone encountered something like this?  What in my application can
cause Tomcat to hold onto memory and never release it?

Dave Frankson

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