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From Don Park <>
Subject How to get a ref. to StandardManager / tomcat overview servlet
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 22:06:52 GMT

Im trying to get an overview of the utilization of a tomcat server.

One simple utility Id like is something that lists all the http sessions
that are being managed by tomcat.

in org.apache.tomcat.session.StandardManager, there is a findSessions()
method which Id like to use. I dont know how to get a hold of a reference
to the StandardManager in use. I have also noticed that StandardSession
has a getManager() method. StandardSession is not a public class so I am
not able to cast an HttpSession into a StandardSession.

I see from the admin/ sample servlet that the FacadeManager is used to
getRealRequest() and getRealContext(). There is no getRealSession().

What can I do to get at the list of active sessions? Is there already a
management servlet that can show me this kind of information?

Thank you
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