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From <>
Subject Re: xsl by extension
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 02:22:24 GMT
> > Thanks, craig, but i'm working with version 3.3. ┬┐isn't any
> > alternative avalaible?
> Nope ... if you map your extension to your servlet, you cannot also map it
> to the JSP servlet.

Of course there are alternative :-)

The easiest - have your xsp generate 'plain' jsp files, and redirect.

Jasper doesn't support 'streams' anyway ( i.e. it can't process a stream,
only a file or resource ), so you'll need a file with the current jasper (
or some very sophisticated tricks ). I doubt filters could help in any
way ( at least with the current jasper ).

Changing jasper to better work with this model is one of my goals in
jasper34, it was a long discussion about using XSLT on jasper -
unfortunately most people around didn't liked it.

What I'm going to do is make sure j34 is modular enough and has the right
hooks to allow someone to hook it with xslt ( or anything else for that
matter !!!). I'm working ( very slow speed - as finishing 3.3 is the top
priority ) on changing jasper to use SAX events, have a clean API, etc.
You are more then welcomed to help - as this would be the right solution
for your problem ( IMHO ).

But generating the files is a decent solution as well.


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