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Subject Looking into EJB w/ Tomcat4.0 - advice?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 13:35:56 GMT
Hi, I'm looking for a free/open source EJB application server to build upon
my experience with Tomcat (don't want the big guns - weblogic, websphere,
iplanet...).  I have been using Tomcat4.0 and Struts to create N tiered web
applications up to this point & would like to explore EJB.  Is there an EJB
application server into which I can integrate Tomcat4.0?

- I like that JBoss bundles with Tomcat, but I don't want to revert to
Tomcat 3.2.  Also, JBoss doesn't support EJB2.0.  Still, could I plug in
Tomcat*4.0* as the servlet container?

- Orion looks to only come with it's own servlet container.  Dont think I
want that.

- It looks like the Sun RI bundles tomcat 4.0.  Is that to say the Sun RI
application server uses Tomcat4.0 as it's servlet container?  If so,
perhaps this the best choice?


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