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From "Deacon Marcus" <>
Subject Announce: OurSQL, JSP interface for MySQL
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 04:47:11 GMT
First, I'm sorry for being half off-topic.
Recently, I was looking for a good admin tool for MySQL. All I found was
MyAdmin, which is written in PHP. I don't want any PHP on my server, so I
decided to write my own software, and here it is - the first version of
What it can do? Right now - you can log in to any MySQL database (local or
remote) and execute any queries you want, viewing results. The goal is, of
course, to make easy any frequent operation.
Tell me what do you think, any suggestions, etc.
Yes I know the current version sucks. Think of it as an interactive demo.
Installation: copy the .jsps to a single directory anywhere and add MM.MySQL
drives to WEB-INF/lib

You can get it here:

     deacon Marcus

p.s. I still need the Tomcat plushie, please...

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