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From "pero" <>
Subject [solution] sudden JVM death on some linux systems
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2001 06:20:24 GMT
Hi there,

I noticed several threads on this mailinglist dealing with "sudden tomcat
death". I sent some mails concerning this too some days ago. The problem was
that tomcat (4) died after a random amount of time. Most people came to the
conclusion that there must be something wrong with the JVM.
After trying and trying (way too long) and scanning the internet (for
days )-:) and Sun's Bug-Reports I found that some Linux-Distributions
(escpecially with 2.4 kernel) have problems with Sun's JVM (>= 1.3).
What helped in my case (SuSE 7.1: tomcat didn't work with *any* JDK - and I
tried *all*!) was decreasing the stack-size to 2M by adding "ulimit -s 2048"
to my startup-script (see

perhaps this works for others too and they could live on with a little grin
knowing that their tomcat is running... and running... and running...


..: I *LOVE* [my] tomcat...

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