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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.0 RPMs?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 21:48:09 GMT
>Yeah, it kinda sucks, and yeah, it's not exactly the "RPM way". But I 
>think that the licensing issues, and the fact that almost none of the 
>individual components (JMX, JSSE, etc.) are available as RPMs, has 
>more-or-less removed the "package/version management" benefits 
>here, and 
>at this point all we can realistically hope for is RPM as a convenient 
>"Linux Installer".

I've done some works on packaging some Sun java stuff RPMs, for
example JSSE where I take the binary tarball and build a binary
RPM from it.

A dirty solution to have some RPM which depend on JSSE for 
example, have dependencies solved.

The real question is why Sun didn't release all their
Java Libraries in OpenSource. Don't tell me it's because
they want to hide the internal since any java decompiler
like JAD give you a good source of the binary.

A solution will be to have some lobbying in asking Sun
release their binaries into RPM format also. There is 
many Sun employees around which could try to convince 
their managers to adopt this packaging scheme.

Frankly it won't be a huge or costly task for this
company and I can even give them many .spec to pass
from .tar.gz to rpm  if they are interested.....

If you take a look at Debian list these days, you'll
see there was some discussion on how and where deploy
java stuff in the Linux distribution and the good news
is that they follow some of my actual conventions 
(there was some discussion with Debian fellows some time
ago about that on tomcat list) :

java jar are to be deployed in /usr/share/java/

The main jar as the version in the name (xerces-1.4.3.jar)
and use symlink to std jar name (xerces.jar -> xerces-1.4.3.jar)

That kind of initiative will ease java on Linux platforms and make 
it as simple to install and use than the current native stuff.


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