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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: SSL Attributes
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 21:03:36 GMT
>Even in the 2.2 spec, this was required to be an array of certificates.
>What did Tomcat 3.2 do?  If 3.2 does it right, this would seem to be a

TC 3.2 also have it like a string and it's bad.
I'm strongly to have TC 3.3 handling as indicated by SPEC.

>> Cheers
>> Jean-frederic
>> Note:
>> javax.servlet.cert.X509Certificate is in JSSE.
>> java.servlet.cert.X509Certificate is in JDK (even in 1.2.2).
>Not only that, the JSSE version doesn't even inherit from the 
>JDK version
>:-(.  When using JSSE (i.e. in Tomcat stand-alone) you have to 
>convert the
>certificates manually.

I've got question not really well covered in spec.
When you got the X509Certificate, you got the certificate
presented by Browser ? So only one certificate isnt'it ?

That's currently what mod_ssl present :)

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