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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject mod_jk using warp protocol ?
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:14:07 GMT
What about adding warp protocol to mod_jk and
may be adding with functionnalities from ajp14 ?

Of course in J-T-C, since mod_jk in J-T must be

ajp14 and warp are very similar, they use the same 
(it seems) logon system (using md5),
and differents protocol encoding but since 
ajp14 is still experimental, it could be 
changed in using warp packet system.

I've got some questions here :

In ajp14, the JkAutoMount was designed to help
web-server knows about URL/URI handled by the
remote tomcat (examples/*.jsp, examples/servlet/*).

JkAutoMount * myworker

This allow us to remove the need of configuring 
these mappings in httpd.conf.

More in ajp14, the AutoMount key is the Virtual,
if a Virtual section is present in Tomcat we 
could be sure that a Virtual section in Web-Server
will get mappings only for the corresponding 
Virtual of Tomcat. 

<Virtual myhost1 >

JkAutoMount myhost1 myworker


Did there is the same strategy in mod_webapp ?

May be the local Apache Gurus (JF, Ryan) could tell
us if we could avoid to set myhost1 in <Virtual> ?

The VirtualHostName must be present somewhere in 
Apache Recs...

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