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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Bug reports
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:05:06 GMT
>Well... At the beginning bugs were sent here, then on this mailing list
>people complained because of it, so we assigned them to 
>individuals, now
>people complain of the contrary...

I'll never understand humans (Mr Spock 27500 AC)

Ok, let me say that I'd like to read the bugs state in
this mailing list. 

Tomcat-dev is a team developpement mailing-list, and for 
people spending times not connected to Internet 
(Pier in plane and I in my train), it's a needed stuff 
to have the status off-line.

It's more that easy to build email rules, to move or 
drop that bugs reports mail (even with outlook) 

>>> (on the bug issue, I don't give a damn about where those 
>emails end up to, I
>>> get notified anyhow)
>> YOU clearly don't give a damn about the rest of us either. :-(
>I am just saying... FOR ONCE, someone tell me what to do, 
>because I'm sick
>and tired to be flamed for ANYTHING I do... I don't set up 
>BugZilla, they
>flame me about it since GNATS sucks, I set up BugZilla, I'm 
>flamed because I
>should use GNATS (which sucks and nobody uses anyway), I send 
>out emails,
>I'm flamed, I don't I'm flamed... I AM TIRED!

I'm +1 with you Pier in that case :) (Yes, really)

You're flamed because you do many things to make 
jakarta really works. An admin task for a developper,
how borred but necessary.

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