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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Digest authentication in Tomcat?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 15:39:58 GMT
> costin wrote
>In 3.3 we tried to make it easy to add modules ( and all the
>functionality is implemented in modules ), it's just like adding a
>webapplication. The idea is to reduce the pressure on the official
>release, reduce the 'featurism', keep tomcat simple, etc.

That's also the general idea of Apache 2.0 team, modularity :)

=> from today new-http list

>>>>>> Ryan Bloom [] wroted <<<<<<

>If the module is a part of the server, then it must work before the server
>is production ready.  You can't have a module that doesn't work in a server
>that is going GA, it doesn't make sense.  You will find if you read the
>archives, that we have cancelled releases in the past, because a single
>module did not work correctly.  Anytime you put something into the core,
>you take the very real chance of delaying the core server.

>This is why I am against putting everything into the core.  The core should
>be as small as possible, so that an individual module doesn't hold up

+1 Ryan 

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