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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/webapp/apache-2.0 mod_w ebapp.c
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 17:58:11 GMT
>This will need to change when my next patches in the webapp 
>library go in,
>as Apache will be able to serve static files when possible...
>Also, since Apache 2.0 is not final yet, I would remove all
>MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER checks, and _require_ for the module to be 
>built with
>the latest HEAD out of CVS... I don't care at this point about 
>2.0 backward

I didn't agree with that Pier, we must try to keep compatibility 
with previous release of Apache 2.0, since there IS STILL NO
official release. 

Many users are still using Apache 2.0.24-alpha (including myself), 
or even 2.0.18-beta (including IBM iSeries team porting Apache 2.0).

Let avoid questions in user-list asking about which version of 
Apache 2.0 to be used, or why we couldn't compile the module
against a running (even if obsolete) Apache 2.0....

That's a part of the problem in mod_webapp with APR.
>I'd do something like at the top of the file, and move the 
>version to check
>against accordingly, until 2.0 doesn't get final.
>#if (MODULE_MAGIC_NUBER_MAJOR < 20010808)
>#error ERROR: You need the latest Apache 2.0 code to compile

Please mod_jk commiters, in JT and JTC, keep care of 
previous releases and still use MODULE_MAGIC_NUBER_MAJOR
when needed.

As soon as Apache 2.0 will be released, we'll clean code by 
dropping all that controls, but until that we must keep 
compatibility with at least latest beta (2.0.18-beta)

Hi Ho.

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