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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-connectors/webapp/apache-2.0 mod_w ebapp.c
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 00:52:50 GMT
"GOMEZ Henri" <> wrote:
> I didn't agree with that Pier, we must try to keep compatibility
> with previous release of Apache 2.0, since there IS STILL NO
> official release.
> Many users are still using Apache 2.0.24-alpha (including myself),
> or even 2.0.18-beta (including IBM iSeries team porting Apache 2.0).

Since there is no official release of httpd-2.0, I am confident that nobody
will actually care unless they're testing something... And by "testing" good
practice says "get the HEAD of CVS and try it out yourself if it doesn't
work". Development happens on "head" and if someone forks off for a little
while to do some porting to some weird operating systems, at the end those
changes will have to be integrated with HEAD, so, there's no point in
sticking with backward compatibility AT THIS POINT.

I could stick with the "last official tarball" since that's an easy piece of
thing to download. So, if the latest version is 2.0.18 alpha (don't even
know since I use HEAD), I could agree to have some ifdefs in the code to
cope with the differences between "latest tarball" and "head".

All this, of course, UNTIL an official final version comes out, that's when
I'll start caring about backward compatibility.

That's my idea, but I would love to hear the other contributors to the
WebApp module to tell me what they think, Ryan, J.F., Colin, Thom...

> Let avoid questions in user-list asking about which version of
> Apache 2.0 to be used, or why we couldn't compile the module
> against a running (even if obsolete) Apache 2.0....

Like, you've answered a lot of questions on tomcat-user about the WebApp
module :) :) :) That's a task I'm handling, and I believe I've been pretty
good at. There's no unanswered question on the WebApp module on the users
list. (In comparison to...)

> That's a part of the problem in mod_webapp with APR.

Choosing APR has been my decision from the beginning. If you guys didn't
want to do it, why not voting -1 when I dropped the code in CVS? Now it's
there, I believe it's good. You might not like it, as I don't like what
you're doing, but, hey, we're forced to coexist on the same mailing list.

So, as I don't piss you off on what you're doing, please, you do the same.
:) :) :) :) :)



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