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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: Remaining Tomcat 3.3 Issues
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2001 19:57:28 GMT

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> From: GOMEZ Henri []
> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2001 3:14 PM
> To:
> Subject: RE: Remaining Tomcat 3.3 Issues
> >7. Evaluate whether anything should be done to deal with the use of
> >non-thread-safe DateFormat and related classes.
> The "Date" used in Http10 connector response, is allready 
> handled by stuff I commited some time ago which use a speed hack 
> and return allready processed date String if it was processed
> in the same second removing need to use SimpeDateFormat at each hit.
> format1123() in org\apache\tomcat\util\buf\DateTool
> But the request.getDateHeader("Date") in facade is still 
> using DateTool.parseDate(value) in DateTool which need
> to be synchronized.
> Question: should we sync in facade or in DateTool ?

My initial preference is in DateTool. However, I may be
unaware of some pro's or con's.

> >1798  Tomcat 3.2.2b5 with Apache and ajp13 stops responding after  
> This one is very difficult to reproduce (I never succeed).
> We need more information on configuration. May be related with
> CHUNKED. I'd like to see bug reporter to test against latest TC 3.3

Did your attempts include 3.2.2 or 3.2.3.  If so, I'll resolve the
bug reports as "worksforme".  Otherwise, I'll just add a note that
it couldn't be reproduced in 3.3 and is assumed fixed.

> >8. We need to remove or optionally disable the shutdown support in
> >Ajp13Interceptor.  This allows configuring a password protected
> >Ajp12Interceptor shutdown to be the only shutdown available.
> Having Ajp13 or Ajp12 shutdown from a distant machine is dangerous.
> We should use Ajp13 as link between web-server and tomcat and
> use Ajp12 accepting only from localhost.

I'll take this as a vote to remove the shutdown support from Ajp13
and not provide an option.  I'm not sure if you are implying
additional changes by your statement "shutdown from a distant
machine is dangerous".

> >9. Some files under src/native have embedded CR's, i.e. Unix 
> >files would have
> >CRLF and Windows files would have CRCRLF's.  These need to be fixed.
> Couldn't we say that ALL src in native will be only in Unix mode ?

I need CRLF for building on Windows.  It appears that some files
were checked in from *nix containing CR's that were not stripped
during the commit.  When I checkout or update from Windows, CVS
still adds a CR in front of all LFs.  The result is CRCRLF which
Dev Studio wants to fix.  I'd just like the source to be "clean"
for final release.  I'm not sure what happens on *nix systems when
they encounter a CR.

> >11. Make sure we are okay with mod_jk not supporting Apache's rewrite
> >in Tomcat 3.3's mod_jk.  I'm fine with not supporting it, but I want
> >to include some justification in the documentation to avoid some of
> >the "why don't you" questions.
> As said Costin, making mod_jk using uri or unparsed_uri is not 
> difficult, but we have here 2 situations. Strict respect of spec
> (unparsed) or mod_rewrite compatibility. 
> Why not let the final user decide and create a new JkOptions directive
> (easy). ie :
> JkOptions +ForwardUnparsedURI => strict spec respect
> JkOptions -ForwardUnparsedURI => rewrite compatibility  

I'm +1 for user configurability.  I would prefer strict compliance to
be the default.

> >111   after httpd reload mod_jk fails to find a worker BugRat Repo  
> Didn't know this one but must be easy to handle....

I assume this is likely fixed since the bug is very old.  I just
prefer someone more familiar with the history of mod_jk to say

> >2333  Nor Oth PC NEW  HTTP Reason will be 
> >destroyed in header
> >      using AJP12  
> Some patch was sent some time ago and even if AJP12 is somewhat
> deprecated, I should try to commit the provided patch.

I scanned but didn't have much time assess applying the
supplied patch.  My main reservation is that I'm not sure if
IIS or netscape is multi-threaded, in which case the
static buffer could do more harm than good.

> >2550  Ajp13 Connection hanging on static content.  
> Should take a look at this one even. Majority of users 
> use Apache to handle static data but it must be investigated
> (I)

My understanding is that Ajp13 keeps the connection open,
so a "Connection reset by peer" sounds bad to me.  Do you know
if this issue might have been fixed since the bug was opened?
I though there was some work on re-establishing the connection.

> >2927  Nor Oth PC NEW  
> >ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when
> >      accessing ajp13  
> I take care of this....

If this is complicated or potentially unsafe, I'm fine with
resolving as "wontfix".


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