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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Plan for Tomcat 3.3 (final release)
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 14:51:22 GMT
Hi All,

I propose to update the RELEASE-PLAN-3.3 with the schedule shown
below to finish the release of Jakarta Tomcat 3.3.

===== Tomcat 3.3 Final Release Plan Ballot =====
[ ] +1    I am in favor of this plan, and will help
[ ] +0    I am in favor of this plan, but am unable to help
[ ] -0    I not in favor of this plan
[ ] -1    I am opposed to this plan, and my reason(s) are:

----- [you may snip here when voting] -----

======= Tomcat 3.3 Final Release Plan Schedule ==========
Tomcat 3.3 Release Candidate 1:

	Code Freeze/Tag Date:	Sept 14, 2001
	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

     This release should be used to verify that we really are
     at release quality.  It should include any fixes needed
     to reach that status.  Documentation updates may continue
     after this release.

     Known issues in order of priority:
     1. Fix bugs required for release.

Tomcat 3.3 Release Candidate 2:

	Code Freeze/Tag Date:	Sept 21, 2001
	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

     Will be the build put to a vote as a release. This release should 
     only include very minor fixes and documentation updates from the
     RC1 release.

     Known issues in order of priority:
     1. TBD...

Tomcat 3.3 Final Release

	Code Freeze Date:	Sept 28, 2001
	Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

     The final build. The pre-requisite for the release is having no
     bugs in the test suite, resolution for all known bugs and approval
     by the community.

This release will finish the implementation for Tomcat 3's Interceptor/Module
based architecture and offers numerous configuration and upgrade improvements
over its predecessors.  It also brings Tomcat 3.x to a maintainable state,
though new features aren't anticipated for Tomcat 3.3.  Instead, its
upgradability will allow these improvements to take place without a new 
release of Tomcat 3.3.  However, it should be noted that if an upgrade alters
the behavior of Tomcat 3.3 with respect to the Servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1 spec, and
it isn't fixing a spec compliance bug, then that upgrade would invalidate
Tomcat 3.3's status as a Servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1 reference implementation.

Though this schedule releases Tomcat 3.3 after Tomcat 4.0, it is my belief
that with Tomcat 4.0's release, Tomcat 3.x's usefulness doesn't immediately
end and that "finishing" Tomcat 3.3 will be a benefit to the community.

Larry Isaacs

P.S. I will try to identify the "must fix" bugs and post the list tomorrow.

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