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From Ron Cemer <>
Subject PATCH: Long URLs cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:03:35 GMT
I have discovered and fixed several bugs in jakarta-tomcat-3.2.3, all in 
the source file.  This same bug existed in 
version 3.2.2 also.  I'm not sure how far back it goes, or whether it 
also exists in 4.0.

The bugs manifest themselves when the URI for the HTTP request(including 
the request parameter list) exceeds 2048 characters.  This prevents 
Tomcat from being useful for sites which have forms with lots of fields, 
for example, in which case the sumission of the form could cause a 
"POST" or "GET" request with a lot of parameters tacked onto the URI. 
This causes an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException due to some errors in 
src/org/apache/tomcat/service/http/ which keep it 
from properly handling request lines longer than 2048 characters.  I 
have attached the output of "diff -u" for this file, and have tested it 
with URIs over 12,000 characters in length.  There are two methods 
affected: readNextRequest() and readHeaders().

Please integrate these changes into the next release of jakarta-tomcat, 
so that everyone can benefit from them.

Thanks for the great software!!!
Ron Cemer

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