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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Weird Classloaders
Date Sat, 15 Sep 2001 02:44:53 GMT
I'm playing with Classloader issues in Tomcat 3.3 (but from what I hear
it's not much different in TC 4) and the whole thing behaves really,
really strange. This is what I can observe, with automatic reloading

- a jar file in WEB-INF/lib will be picked up with no issues the very
first time the application is started
- if the jar file is changed, the application will reload (due to some
recent fixes there in DependClassLoader), but some resources might not
get loaded properly (for instance a properties file from within that
- if old version of the jar file, or a new jar file with the same binary
of the class is returned back to WEB-INF/lib, sometimes the app will
come back to normal after an automatic reload (not always though)
- if you keep replacing jar file long enough with different versions, it
will eventually fail even when loading class files from it and the whole
app will stop working (ClassNotFoundException)

I've checked the code in DependClassLoader and (unfortunately) it calls
the parent's equivalent methods for getResourceAsStream() and
getResource(), where parent is parent2
is the same as class as parent, but different object (ie. another
instance of the same thing). I'm guessing those things are part of the

So, my real question here is, do any of you Sun guys (or any of you with
better knowledge of JDK) know what this
actually does? Is it kind of 'caching' stuff and then it gets seriously
confused when there are changes? Or maybe I'm doing something I'm not
supposed to do...

My environment is JDK 1.3.1_01, Linux. In some other discussions, people
from TC 4 team mentioned that there are similar problems on Windows too.

And finally, do we just write a replacement for this (probably buggy)
method, or is there are known workaround or fix for this?


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