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From Bill Petheram <>
Subject Class loading bug?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2001 08:37:37 GMT
I am using tomcat as a JMX MBean, using JBoss code.

When I use struts in my webapp. I get NoClassDefFoundError in 
AdaptiveClassLoader. If I add checks for NoClassDefFoundError at the 
same place as checks for ClassNotFoundException the code 'falls through' 
to load the class properly.

The seems like a bug to me, as AdaptiveClassLoader should check for 
NoClassDefFoundError. Also the order of loading classes seems wrong. It 
tries the system class loader before looking in it's list of jars

I had a brief look at Tomcat-4.0 and this also appears not to check for 

Should I report this as a bug?



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