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From Nicolas Mailhot <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.0 RPMs?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 08:46:19 GMT

List:     tomcat-dev
Subject:  RE: Tomcat 4.0 RPMs?
From:     Christopher Cain <>
Date:     2001-09-28 6:12:09
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Quoting "Craig R. McClanahan" <>:

> On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Christopher Cain wrote:
> >
> > I lean towards option 2, personally, but alot of it
rests with
> Henri.
> >
> > So would anyone object to adding the
"tomcat-supplimental.tar.gz" that
> is
> > currently being kicked around?
> >
> > That doesn't deal with the "value add" restriction of
> redistribution license.  There's a difference between
> one of these JAR files in your application (as we do with
> versus just combining and redistributing a bunch of JARs
that were
> downloaded individually without adding any value).

*sigh* ... is it me, or do we, the actual developers, seem
to be the only 
people overly interested in making things easy for the end
user, what with all 
of these licensing clauses and packaging policies and
assorted red tape?


As a tomcat end *user*, I can tell you it's much *much* MUCH
*MUCH* easier to track licence problems & jar versions by
having 1 package per jar/source/licence.

Having one package containing everything packed together is
my nightmare. Having to dissect it to know where all the
little bits come from and what is their individual license
is much worse than having five or six packages, each with
provider, version and license clearly listed in the rpm
header (and that all the associated tools can easilly
extract and sort)

I do realise that with « dumb » packaging such as tars one
single archive might be a better solution. But with modern
packaging systems this defeats all the built-in enhancements
that made end user life easier.

Please do not ignore what Henry Gomez says. It's packaging
policies are based on lots of packaging experience and
end-user input (mine included:). All the problems that seem
to bother you (copying jars in the right place,
dependencies) are solved by rpm native functions and won't
bother the end-user at all.

Nicolas Mailhot

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