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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-PLAN-3.3
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2001 02:44:45 GMT
larryi      01/09/17 19:44:45

  Modified:    .        RELEASE-PLAN-3.3
  Update to current status.
  Moved Bug 1798 to RC2 just to provide a little more time to verify that we
  can't duplicate it.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.14      +24 -19    jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-PLAN-3.3
  Index: RELEASE-PLAN-3.3
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-PLAN-3.3,v
  retrieving revision 1.13
  retrieving revision 1.14
  diff -u -r1.13 -r1.14
  --- RELEASE-PLAN-3.3	2001/09/13 19:57:38	1.13
  +++ RELEASE-PLAN-3.3	2001/09/18 02:44:45	1.14
  @@ -164,16 +164,22 @@
   "realSession.setAttribute()", the second request's value would be overwritten
   without an valueUnbound() being called.
  +    RESOLUTION: Implemented
   2. Evaluate Tomcat 3.3's vulnerability to "Double Checked Locking". This
   is referred to in Bug #177. See:
   for details.  I think ServletHandler.init() is currently subject to this
  +    RESOLUTION: Implemented
   3. The spec doesn't address whether a the form-login-page and form-error-page
   should be excluded from the security-constraint, but it makes sense that
   it should.  It might be best to postpone this.
  +    RESOLUTION: Postponed.
   4. Address user authentication via Ajp12 and Ajp13.  Ajp12 has a test for
   isTomcatAuthentication() to see if req.setRemoteUser() should be called.
   I think Ajp13 doesn't have this yet and probably should.  Also, if the
  @@ -181,33 +187,32 @@
   with this value?  This prevents Tomcat's normal authentication from being
  +    RESOLUTION: tomcatAuthentication property has been added to Ajp13.
   5. If a error handler is not found for an exception, check the root cause
   as well if it is a ServletException.  This is mentioned in Bug 3233.  I think
   it would be a good idea to apply this.  I don't think we are prohibited
   by the spec.  We could add an option to be safe if there is concern.
  +    RESOLUTION: Implemented.
   6. StaticInterceptor is missing a localization enhancement added to
   Tomcat 3.2.x.  Should this enhancement be ported to Tomcat 3.3?  Is
   this still considered a regression, though it isn't part of the
   Servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1 spec?
  +    RESOLUTION: Postponed to RC2
   7. Evaluate whether anything should be done to deal with the use of
   non-thread-safe DateFormat and related classes.
  +    RESOLUTION: Minimized vulnerability.
   Must Resolve Bugs:
  -177   Race condition during servlet initialization BugRat Report#2
  -182   JSP error-page doesn't work with virtual hosts BugRat Report
  -274   request.getUserPrincipal() doesn't work when user is authent
  -437   req.getParameter(name) Ignores charset. always assumes ISO88  
  -463   Ctx( /examples ): IOException in: R( /examples + + null) No  
   1253  Frequent Connection reset by peer errors  
  -1663  Tomcat -SSL problem  
  -1798  Tomcat 3.2.2b5 with Apache and ajp13 stops responding after  
  -3233  exception handling wrt errorpages seems to be incorrect  
  -3486  Session problem (with case insensitive context matching on windows)
  -3572  HttpSessionFacade.invalidate don't unbound Attributes
  -3577  NPE when DecodeInterceptor gets confused
   Tomcat 3.3 Release Candidate 2:
  @@ -238,6 +243,8 @@
   to include some justification in the documentation to avoid some of
   the "why don't you" questions.
  +    IN PROGRESS: Making user configurable
   12. To simplify upgrade development, I would like to see the classpath
   for the "container", "common", and "apps" classloaders include the
   directory so classes placed under them will be picked up.
  @@ -245,18 +252,14 @@
   13. Determine cause of pauses running Tomcat's internal test with
   Tomcat + IIS.
  +14. StaticInterceptor is missing a localization enhancement added to
  +Tomcat 3.2.x.  Should this enhancement be ported to Tomcat 3.3?
   Must Resolve Bugs:
  -82    Jasper not affected by mod_rewrite BugRat Report#49  (part of issue 11)
  -111   after httpd reload mod_jk fails to find a worker BugRat Repo  
  -276   JNI problem: fails in Tomcat/IIS/JNI set  
  -319   Nor Hig All UNCO  Tomcat does not launch with given
  -      Unix script files BugRat R  
  -405   response.sendRedirect() in MS Explorer 5.5 fails using both  
  -620   StopTomcat defaults to localhost  
  +1798  Tomcat 3.2.2b5 with Apache and ajp13 stops responding after  
   2333  HTTP Reason will be destroyed in header using AJP12  
   2550  Ajp13 Connection hanging on static content.  
  -2927  ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when accessing ajp13  
   3581  Ctx() : Error creating validation mark  -
   Tomcat 3.3 Final Release
  @@ -271,7 +274,9 @@
   Open in 3.2.x But Fixed in 3.3
  +274   request.getUserPrincipal() doesn't work when user is authent
   384   AJP13 returns no Status Message (Reason-Phrase RFC 2616) Bug  
  +620   StopTomcat defaults to localhost  
   1482  Ignored session ids in encoded URLs  
   2057  URL contains encoded special chars  

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