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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-4.0 RELEASE-PLAN-4.0.txt
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 20:04:03 GMT
craigmcc    01/09/04 13:04:02

  Added:       .        RELEASE-PLAN-4.0.txt
  Initial draft of a release plan for Tomcat 4.0 final release.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-tomcat-4.0/RELEASE-PLAN-4.0.txt
  Index: RELEASE-PLAN-4.0.txt
  $Id: RELEASE-PLAN-4.0.txt,v 1.1 2001/09/04 20:04:02 craigmcc Exp $
                        Release Plan for Apache Tomcat 4.0
  This document is a release plan for the *final* release of Apache Tomcat 4.0.
  We've been waiting for the underlying specifications (Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2)
  to go final.  As these specifications are now in the Executive Committee voting
  step of the Java Community Process, this time is now at hand.
  The goal of the Apache Tomcat 4.0 final release is to provide a stable
  container that supports 100% of the mandatory requirements of the Servlet 2.3
  and JSP 1.2 specifications, as well as many useful additional features.  To
  that end, a series of beta releases have been distributed, and the focus has
  been primarily on specification compliance and other bug fixes, rather than
  adding functionality.
  This Release Plan proposes the following schedule:
    Monday, September 9, 2001      Tomcat 4.0 Release Candidate 1
    Thursday, September 12, 2001   Tomcat 4.0 Release Candidate 2
    Monday, September 17, 2001     Tomcat 4.0 Final Release
  In order to complete final release, all outstanding Bugzilla bug reports
  against Tomcat 4.0 need to be fixed or deferred for later releases.  This
  Release Plan proposes the following classification of current outstanding
  bug reports in the bug tracking system, sorted by component and their ID
  numbers in our bug tracking system at:
  Please review the bug reports, and their classification as "must have",
  "nice to have", or "address later".  Lobbying for changes in classification
  can take place on the TOMCAT-DEV mailling list.  In addition, if you have a
  bug report or enhancement that you wish to have considered prior to final
  release, please submit a bug report as quickly as possible.
  Bugs That Must Be Addressed Before Final Release:
  Catalina    2883    Error page for 401 error code is not populated
  Catalina    3093    Base64.decode returns extra 0's at end of array
  Catalina    3232    Cookie values are URLDecoded but not URLEncoded
  Catalina    3292    Class reloading fails
  Connectors  1788    mod_webapp errors on Win2k
  Connectors  2334    Tomcat 4.0-b5 + Apache 1.3.12?
  Connectors  2997    Webapp connector should recover when Tomcat is restarted
  Connectors  2999    Linking trouble: webapp connectors and Apache 1.3 apxs
  Connectors  3160    mod_webapp performance issues
  Jasper      2693    Syntax errors in JSP source generate NumberFormatException
  Jasper      2917    JSP compiled file name is not correct
  Jasper      3019    Jasper generates bad custom tag variable names
  Jasper      3079    NullPointerException in JakartaCommentGenerator.generateEnd
  Jasper      3127    <jsp:directive.include/> not supported
  Jasper      3174    XML view of JSP document is incorrect
  Jasper      3235    JSPC command line compiler does not support taglibs
  Jasper      3350    Using XML syntax causes content rearrangement
  Jasper      3351    JSP documents in XML syntax produce invalid XML
  Jasper      3366    Character tag attributes
  Jasper      3381    Tag attributes of type short not working
  Jasper      3398    Jasper does not support primitive types for tag variables
  Webapps     3009    Manager cannot install web app
  Webapps     3336    ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when starting and stopping
                      an app several times through Manager
  Webapps     3383    CompressionFilter problem in Catalina
  Nice To Have Fixes Before Final Release:
  Catalina    2949    Tomcat 4.0/Solaris follow soft links for public_html
  Catalina    3114    Spanish translations of files
  Catalina    3194    Javadoc errors during build
  Catalina    3285    Tomcat 4.0-b5 class loader fails on IBM JDK
  Catalina    3293    Allow content lengths > 2^31
  Jasper      3055    <jsp:plugin> tag ignores the name attribute
  Jasper      3195    Javadoc errors during build
  Jasper      3340 has been deprecated in JDK 1.4-beta-2
  Servletapi  3196    Javadoc errors during build
  Servletapi  3344    Typo in javadocs
  Enhancement Requests To Be Addressed Later:
  Catalina    1400 does not support multiple
                      keys in a keystore file
  Catalina    1575    Slow server start due to SAX parsing
  Catalina    2570    Add ability to configure a default error handler
  Catalina    2823    Allow a <Manager> inside <DefaultContext>
  Jasper      2500    FileNotFoundException unintentionally caught
  Jasper      2622    Jasper is not taking advantage of empty body content
                      optimization opportunity

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