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From Christopher Cain <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 RPMs?
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 07:19:55 GMT
Hi Vic. We're currently trying to sort out the best way of packaging a 4.0 RPM. 
TC4 has quite a few external jar dependencies ... some optional, some 
mandatory. We're kind of between a rock and a hard place with both a few of the 
RPM packaging policies as well as some jar redistribution issues.

The prevailing theory seems to be that the RPM should include just the absolute 
minimum number of jars required to successfully run a minimal build of Tomcat. 
The rest will still have to be downloaded separately (although we might make 
a "tomcat-supplimental.tar.gz" available containing all of the optional jars 
that we can safely redistribute). The problem is that RPM packaging policies 
frown upon including external binaries (in our case non-TC jars) in the RPM, 
and beyond that, doing so is not really good form anyway.

In other words, the RPM install isn't going to be as painless as we would like. 
If you are comfortable with building from source, and if you need anything 
other than a minimal build, the source might be your best bet. (You could also 
just download the binaries, of course.) I'm not even sure that an exact 
approach for TC4 RPMs has been decided upon, and I'm also not sure what Henri's
(our RPM packager) timeframe is, so AFAIK the date on having an RPM is still up 
in the air.

Quoting Vic Ricker <>:

> Hi.
> Will RPMs for Tomcat 4.0 be released on the web site any time soon?
> I have no problem installing from the tar but I'd prefer the RPM since
> that's
> how I installed the previous version.
> Thanks,
> -Vic

- Christopher

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