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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: LinkageError: duplicate Class definition
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 01:59:04 GMT
> hi there,
> I got a weird problem getting on here. I'm using tomcat 4b07 on both
> and linux.
> after startup I start some threads and when they execute for the first
> I get a LinkageError: duplicate Class definition.
> there are 4 things with this I dont understand:
> 1st: all classes are there exactly once. no jar is twice within the
> classpath (I checked that a dozen times)
> 2nd: the error occurs only when the thread is executing for the very first
> time. after each execution I wait some amount of time (Thread.sleep) and
> when the code which crashed before is re-executed everything works fine.
> 3rd: the linkage error is not restricted to a particular package. if I
> remove the non working threads, then the linkage error comes back again at
> some other place/thread.
> 4th: sometimes (very rarely) the error does not occur, but after
> tomcat it is back again.
> i figured out that this is not nescessarely related to threads I start. if
> do not start any thread of my own, then the first jsp-execution (after
> compilation) brings up the error.

At least the JSP part is supposed to be fixed.
It's bug 3107 (, and
the attached test case (which looks like it would duplicate your problem) is
now working fine for me.

If it's still not working, would it be possible to pull together a test case
? Could I get the stack trace you get in your threaded app if pulling
together a test case isn't possible ?

> my configuration:
> 1 wep app (not war) with all required jars in WEB-INF/lib (which are
> deployed at startup)


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