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From <>
Subject Re: Is anyone working on iPlanet integration?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 20:27:50 GMT
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> >
> > I never said it's a piece of crap - I am not happy with (what seems to be)
> > the design, I am very unhappy with the development model, and of course
> > I'm unhappy with "reinventing the wheel" and throwing away what is the
> > result of a lot of work from many commiters.
> >
> Of course, Costin neglects to mention that, approximately a year ago,
> there were exactly zero Tomcat committers that understook mod_jk at all --
> and that it took some heroic efforts on the part of many folks who came
> along later (to whom the entire Tomcat community is grateful!!!) to get
> mod_jk to the point where it could be understood and maintained.

Well, I may be close to "zero" - as I think I undertand jk a bit. But it's
certain the current jk is the result of many excelent contributors.

AFAIK mod_jk is probably the  only piece of tomcat where development
continued after the original  developer left, and the component of tomcat
with the _largest_ number  of contributors. By far.

It's also ( AFAIK ) a piece of tomcat where the design happened on
tomcat-dev, where most changes are reviewed and discussed.


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