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From <>
Subject Re: Is anyone working on iPlanet integration?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 19:41:10 GMT
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Pier P. Fumagalli wrote:

> at wrote:
> >
> > Well, most of the complexity comes from the fact that it abstracts the
> > interface with the server - it was designed from the beginning with the
> > idea that it should support multiple servers.
> >
> > Right now the list is: Apache1.3, Apache2.0, IIS, NES, AOLServer.
> >
> > It was also designed from the beginning with the idea that it should
> > support multiple communication protocols - that means new depvelopment
> > will have minimum impact on the stability.
> >
> > It also means you can fine-tune your configuration to the caracteristics
> > of the apps ( apps that are doing a lot of IO but little computation could
> > use JNI, apps that are compuation intensive could be distributed on remote
> > servers and load-balanced, etc ).
> >
> > Yes, the code is quite sophisticated - but I'm not sure you'll find too
> > many apache modules that also work with IIS,NES,etc and have this
> > flexibility.
> You're saying this as if the WebApp module was not thought with the same
> idea but was a piece of crap...

I don't know anything about how mod_webapp was thought - I don't remember
any design discussion, requirements, or anything like that. I can just
look at the code, and so far it seems too nice and simple to scale as
other features are added.

I never said it's a piece of crap - I am not happy with (what seems to be)
the design, I am very unhappy with the development model, and of course
I'm unhappy with "reinventing the wheel" and throwing away what is the
result of a lot of work from many commiters.

The code seems fine, and after all having it around may be a good
motivator to improve mod_jk :-) Now that 3.3 is almost done we can focus
on various modules - and jk is an important one.

> One day, without compromising its internals, the WebApp module will support
> those features, and many more... But I'm just one, and my days are (yes for
> me too) 24 hours long...

Looking forward to see the IIS, NES, JNI, loadbalancing, etc - without
compromising the internals.
( well, just "integrate Apache auth" would be a nice start - that's a
feature we still have to add to jk, and at least it would be something
usefull that is not already implemented )


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