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From <>
Subject Re: TC 3.3 Default conatiner
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 18:33:24 GMT
Hi Keith,

PrefixMapper should allways return a Container. The default
container is added in addContext():

  map.addMapping( ctx.getHost(), ctx.getPath(), ctx.getContainer())

There is something wrong if PrefixMapper returns null - it should
find at least the "/" context on the default host.

I remember we had some problems if no root context is found, and we may
have missed this one. The correct solution ( if this is the problem )
would be to return 404 in contextMap, because if no container is found
it means no root context.


On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Keith Wannamaker wrote:

> Somethings not quite right in SimpleMapper with
> respect to default containers.  If I set up a
> default conainer, the note on the global container
> is set OK.  But the way it works now is that
> PrefixMapper returns a null container for a
> URL that is not mapped, which ends the request.
> What I can't decide on is the fix -- should
> PrefixMapper be returning the default container
> if nothing matches, or should SimpleMapper try
> the default container if PrefixMapper returns null?
> Keith

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