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From <>
Subject RE: Is anyone working on iPlanet integration?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 18:08:19 GMT
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Thom Park wrote:

> In defense of mod_jk though, it has a lot of really nice goodies like
> load-balancing built in to it.

Well, most of the complexity comes from the fact that it abstracts the
interface with the server - it was designed from the beginning with the
idea that it should support multiple servers.

Right now the list is: Apache1.3, Apache2.0, IIS, NES, AOLServer.

It was also designed from the beginning with the idea that it should
support multiple communication protocols - that means new depvelopment
will have minimum impact on the stability.

It also means you can fine-tune your configuration to the caracteristics
of the apps ( apps that are doing a lot of IO but little computation could
use JNI, apps that are compuation intensive could be distributed on remote
servers and load-balanced, etc ).

Yes, the code is quite sophisticated - but I'm not sure you'll find too
many apache modules that also work with IIS,NES,etc and have this

Of course, one question is how complex mod_webapp will be _after_ it has
all the features of jk. It's obvious now it looks much simpler.

To be fair, mod_jk had the same level of complexity from beginning - it
has been designed with all those things in mind, and so far ( after almost
2 years of development, bug fixing, new protocols, etc ) the original
design still holds. I would be happy to see mod_webapp getting all the new
features while remaining simple and clean.

> mod_jk uses the AJP12 & AJP13 protocols, mod_webapp uses a new WARP

Plus the new Ajp14 ( that already adds automatic configuration ), plus

Of course, mod_jk could easily support warp as well - but there's little
value on that, as ajp14 does exactly the same.

> of context to maintain. the idea is that you only have to configure the
> context in one file
> (the apache httpd.conf) instead of both the apache and the tomcat config
> files.

The same is possible with mod_jk - except it's not "recomended", because
that means all static files will be served by tomcat, and you'll loose
most benefits of using a web server ( and because of the added overhead,
your pages will be slower than with tomcat standalone, instead of faster).

But the same "simple" configuration is possible, with the same "features"
as in webapp.


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