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From <>
Subject RE: TC 3.3 >= m3 Request.setRequestUri
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 16:58:06 GMT
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Keith Wannamaker wrote:

> Hi Costin,
> Oh, no, not at all, I understand now.
> However, what do you think about keeping the old String
> methods for compatibility with 3.2 interceptors?
> Something like:


All I can think at this moment is "how stupid I was
when I did the changes".

To my defense - the reason I removed the get/set was to
make sure the code is using the new API and to quickly
find the places where string-based methods were used
and replace them with more efficient MessageBytes methods.

If you have the changes in your workspace - please commit them,
it's not going to affect any existing functionality and
will simplify a lot porting 3.2 modules to 3.3.


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