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From <>
Subject Re: TC 3.3 >= m3 Request.setRequestUri
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:15:50 GMT
Hi Keith,

After String->MessageByte, instead of storing the request
info as String, with getFoo/setFoo methods, we use
a MessageBytes - which is a modifiable object.

The equivalent of getFoo is now to get the MessageBytes and
call toString(), and the equivalent of setFoo is setString()
on the message bytes.

Of course, the main differences are that with message bytes we can
avoid the conversion to String ( or at least delay it until
we have the encoding ), performance, etc.

But you can do setRequestUri using the MessageByte.setString(),
it's a modifiable string.

I don't see the point of replacing the field itself, but of
course we can do that if you really need it.


On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Keith Wannamaker wrote:

> When the String -> MessageByte change was made
> to Request (rev 1.70), setRequestUri was tossed.
> We were using that in a custom inteceptor to
> do some simplistic URL rewriting.
> I can't tell from the logs or archives if it was
> replaced?  Does anyone have a problem with me
> adding a messagebytes version back?
> Keith

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