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From <>
Subject Re: Cert Lockdown - 3.3 Integration
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 14:46:19 GMT
On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Christopher Cain wrote:

> P.S.
> What's the difference between engineInit() and engineStart()? They both
> say "Called when the ContextManger is started", so when in the loading process
> does each get called?

EngineInit is called after you add all the initial modules. The startup
sequence is:
1. new ContextManager()
2. add all the modules you need ( you can add modules later, but you need
a basic set to get something stable )
3. call cm.init().

At this stage engineInit() is called. Before init() the modules are
notified on addInterceptor(), contextState() ( if a context is added to
the server before init ).

4. The server is in a "stable" state, ready to opreate. It now starts
setting up contexts.

5. For each context, addContext() and contextInit() are called

6. cm.start()

7. engineStart() hooks is called, announcing the server is ready to take
requests ( because all contexts are now in stable state ).

8. Engine moves to running state, everything is operational.


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