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From <>
Subject Re: TC33b1 Context path behavior: Is this a bug or by design?
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2001 15:37:01 GMT
On Sun, 5 Aug 2001, Randall Parker wrote:

> So is there a way to turn off the creation of that automatic context?

Remove <AutoDeploy src="webapps" /> to disable all automatic contexts (
from webapps ).

Move the app out of webapps.

AutoDeploy takes all the files from the specified dir and add them.

> I'd also like a way to say "If a Context tag is defined then do not also generate an
automatic context".

If you place the app under webapps, AutoDeploy will add it.

But webapps/ is just a dir, designed to simplify configuration - you can
place your webapp anywhere.

( another usefull feature of AutoDeploy is that it can set the virtual
host for all the apps loaded from a dir - <AutoDeply src="/myHost"
host="" /> )

You are free to add other modules doing what you want - it's quite easy to
write a module that will remove all the modules that are duplicated, or
anything like that.

All the configuration happens via configuration modules that add other
modules, add contexts  (manually - via <ContextXmlReader
config="apps.xml"> or automatically ). You can play as much as you want at
this stage - remove, replace, add modules/contexts/properties.

After the context manager moves to STATE_CONFIG, things are different,
it means tomcat is in a stable state ( i.e. the config is stable ).

> I'd also like a way to say "Only generate contexts for those which are explicitly defined
with a Context tag".

Not sure what you mean by that, but if you're not happy with AutoDeploy
behavior, it's quite easy to replace it with YourAutoDeploy.

The set of modules that is included with 3.3 is supposed to just implement
the servlet container, without too much complications or featurs.

> Is either of these possible now?

Anything is possible now ( and if it's not, you can file a bug !).

Just write a module that configures it the way you want it ( for most
stuff, it should be as easy as writing an ant task, maybe just a bit more
difficult ). Tomcat provides the basic container with
as-simple-as-possible configurabilty, the behavior of AutoDeploy and other
modules is just what we believed is simple enough ( but not simpler :-).
It doesn't mean tomcat is limited to only what AutoDeploy can do ( or we
don't want other features), it's just that we want manageable code to
maintain and the place for features is in modules.

> You're quite welcome. I really like the apps-XXX.xml feature btw.

Then contribute a small html describing what you discover.


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